Who We Are

Hi! Welcome to Moms Exchange. My name is Gail, Co-founder of Momxechange.com

The reason I created Moms Exchange is because I believe that connecting moms is a step in the right direction to help moms connect and share stories and advice with each other, which in turn helps alleviate some of the feelings of loneliness, social isolation and disconnection some moms face during and after they have a baby.  When I got pregnant with my daughter, I immediately had a million and one thoughts in my head……When can I tell people? What will happen to my career? When can I start pre-natal yoga? What will a year off of work be like? Will I take the full year off or will me and my fiancé split it?  Where will he or she go to daycare when I go back to work? And, of course, many, many others.

With these thoughts and questions floating around in my head, I needed somewhere to go to get all of my questions answered, but where? I ended up doing research on one site, buying baby items on another site, and reading advice from a million others.

Our goal at Moms Exchange is to have moms, new and experienced, provide real-time advice to other moms (via our Mommy chat room tool), support momtrepreneurs and other local businesses owned and/or operated by moms (via our Mommy Business), and share their experience with other moms across the World (via our Mommy Blog), all in one secure, trusted, and judgement free environment. Yes, that’s right, all in one spot. No longer will you need to look at three or four different sites to get everything that you need.  

If you would like to help us alleviate the social isolation, loneliness and disconnection some of our moms’ face, or connect with other moms in your community, please sign up here… it’s FREE!.

If you have any questions or suggestions on how we can improve our platform to better server our moms, please email us at info@momsxchange.com

Word of the Week (WOW)

Matrescence: The process of becoming a mother.

Helpful info

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