Mother of 3

Having a baby will always bring a new experience for any mother, new or with previous children. With my third son, I was the most prepared mentally but drained physically as I was caring for my other two sons. A mother of boys is a busy job, keeping up with their energy on a regular level is a task and during pregnancy can feel like a marathon! Taking care of household duties- cooking, doing laundry, cleaning as well as having a full time job can be exhausting on a daily basis. Being blessed with a husband who takes on a lot of the physical tasks of caring for the children is a huge help. Simply activities of bending down to bathe children were too difficult for me during pregnancy.

Having an even wider support system is essential when raising young children, unfortunately I don’t have that. Having a reliable baby sitter or nanny is an avenue I am pursuing to ensure we don’t burn out ourselves while  taking care of our bunch.

When I was bringing home baby #3, I was quite anxious about the dynamics of being able to cope with a newborn, recover physically from giving birth and still be able to take care of my 4 year old and 22 month old. I got my mum and 11 year old niece to fly in to help me out because I couldn’t do it on my own as hubbie would have to be at work. Their presence was a great help and I was able to focus on caring for baby and healing my body. I have learnt that it is as important to care for myself as it is to care for my children.

Being a mother is probably the best and hardest job on earth. Getting alone time weekly is needed to refresh and renew the spirit and to remind yourself that you are an individual and not only somebody’s mother or wife. Although these early years are some of the most difficult on our bodies and minds, we must remember to enjoy the moment as these days won’t last forever.

Having My Daughter

Going in to have my daughter was the best day of my life……………….My experience like many others I am sure started by being told that I was going to be induced on October 21,  therefore I was able to mentally prepare and more importantly prepare my home knowing that I would be coming home with a baby!! OMG!!

On the morning of Saturday, October 21,  I was able to wake up, shower, and have a good breakfast……..which I know many new moms do not get the luxury of doing. (I was lucky!!!)

I was blessed to be able to have my mom and dad, my mother in-law and of course my partner at my side through this crazy, amazing, magical, scary, exciting…..Did I say scary???……time.  Having them beside me was huge, this was one of the most important moments of my life and I can look back on it and say thank you to those who were beside me through the whole ordeal.  There were definitely some scary moments throughout the day (which I will not get into) but in the end it all turned out amazing and at 810pm my daughter was born and she was perfect at 7 lbs 3 oz!!!

Now to being a new mom at home……..just us……no nurses to buzz when I needed anything, How scary is that, they sent us home, outside, into the world with this precious little tiny baby at 1030pm on a Sunday night, Yikes!!! I was very lucky to have my partner at home for 2 weeks as well as my mother in law there to help for 2 weeks and of course my parents were less than 10 minutes away and were over all the time!! So definitely very lucky.  And as I mentioned earlier I was one of the lucky ones who was able to prepare before going to the hospital so the house was ready, well I thought it was, lol!! My daughter did not want to sleep by herself at all, the only way we got her to sleep was on one of us so for the first  2 weeks we took 4 hour shifts on the couch with her sleeping on us, not ideal but it worked (for us).  My daughter and I then started co-sleeping which again worked for us, I know I know most people say its so bad and so dangerous and you shouldn’t do it, but again it worked for us and my philosophy is “Whatever keeps you sane”. Finally at 4 months she started to sleep in her crib for 10 to 12 hours straight, woohoo!! Amazing.  This only lasted until she was 12 months and then back in our bed she came, lol!! This is something I am still working on a solution for.

Honestly though as scared as I was when we started this chapter in our lives I absolutely love it!!! I loved being at home with my daughter for a full year (again very lucky), we did as much as we could together, Aquafit, Mom and baby yoga, strollerfit, storytime and of course a number of mall trips and lunches.  I definitely wish that I could stay home with her forever but lets get real that’s not an option for most people these days.  We are now in a great routine, we get up we get ready and she goes to my parents every day (again lucky!!!) and Daddy and I go to work.  Bedtimes are pretty routine and we try and play as much as we can before bed.  Now I can’t wait for every new stage in the future!!!

We are truly amazing mommas and don’t ever forget that, we don’t need to be perfect we just need to stay sane and keep our babies loved and keep them safe enjoy it, enjoy it all!!!


Why Momsxchange

Hi! Welcome to Moms Exchange. My name is @pickering_mom905, Co-founder of

The reason we created Moms Exchange is because we believe that connecting moms is a step in the right direction to help moms connect and share stories and advice with each other, which in turn helps alleviate some of the feelings of loneliness, social isolation and disconnection some moms may face during and after they have a baby.  When I got pregnant with my daughter, I immediately had a million and one thoughts in my head……When can I tell people? What will happen to my career? When can I start pre-natal yoga? What will a year off of work be like? Will I take the full year off or will me and my fiancé split it?  Where will he or she go to daycare when I go back to work? And, of course, many, many others.

With these thoughts and questions floating around in my head, I needed somewhere to go to get all of my questions answered, but where? I ended up doing research on one site, buying baby items on another site, and reading advice from a million others.

Our goal at Moms Exchange is to have moms, new and experienced, provide real-time advice to other moms (via our online Mommy chat room tool), support momtrepreneurs and other local businesses owned and/or operated by moms (via our Mommy Business), buy and sell gently used kids items from other moms (via our Mommy Shop), and share their experience with other moms across Canada (via our Mommy Blog), all in one secure, trusted, and judgement free environment. Yes, that’s right, all in one spot. No longer will you need to look at three or four different sites to get everything that you need.

If you would like to help us alleviate the social isolation, loneliness and disconnection some of our moms’ face, or connect with other moms in your community, please sign up here… it’s FREE.

Flying with an 18-month-old

We recently got back from a trip to Florida and I realized that this is definitely a topic worth talking about.  All I can say is have no expectations and who cares about what others think, keep those 2 things in mind and you will be fine and so much less stressed!!

I must have read about 20 articles or more on tips for travelling before we went and this was our 5th flight with DD. She is 18 months now so definitely some different challenges and needs compared to the last time we flew with her which was when she was 10 months.  Here are my absolute MUSTS for a trip with a very active 18-month-old:

    1. 1. Always keep them busy – here are some items I used to keep my little one busy during our flight

Erasable Magnetic Drawing Sketch board

Learning Friends 100 Words Book

    1. 2. Try and plan flights around nap times
    2. 3. Change Diapers and Feed them before the flight if you can, here are some amazing items for feeding on the go:

Travel Booster Seat

Breastmilk Cooler Bag

    1. 4. Walk around (run if possible) before getting on the plane so you wear them out as much as you can
    2. 5. Do not board the plane early as they allow you to, the least amount of time on the plane the better
    3. 6. If you can score them get lounge passes……. these lounges have kids/baby rooms!!! Who knew??? These are areas where your kids can run around/watch tv and be free!!
    4. 7. – Use an umbrella stroller if you can – do not fold it up until you are right at the plane (if you can get away without a stroller even better!!!), this one is by far the best one I found:

Summer Infant 3D Lite Stroller

  1. 8. Have as many snacks packed as you can
  2. 9. Buy new toys/activities that you can pull out on the plane in flight
  3. 10. Have an iPad with movies/shows ready to go as a backup plan……make sure it charged
  4. 11. Pray no one sits beside you and if they do pray they are cool and like kids……a lot
  5. 12. Pray, Pray, Pray for no delays………we had a 3-hour delay on the plane ride home (which was not at nap time) and that was not easy, thank gosh she slept for 2 hours but that was definitely a challenging time.
  6. 13. Always play and distract them and usually they will make friends with people on the plane


Travelling with a toddler does not need to be stressful or hard it just takes lot of planning and even more patience, so relax and enjoy it……most people have been there in their lives one time or another.

Word of the Week (WOW)

Matrescence: The process of becoming a mother.

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