The Parents’ Guide to Balancing Work

Family and Self-Care During COVID-19

Parents know the value of routine. A consistent schedule keeps everyone on track, helps establish boundaries, and signals to your children (and to you) that life is safe and predictable. This moment in history, however, is far from routine. The COVID-19 pandemic upended everyone’s lives, and now we’re just starting to get back to a sense of “normalcy.”

This makes it harder to work; it makes it harder for your kids to learn; and it leaves everyone feeling stressed out and unhappy. How do we fight it? Create new routines, embrace flexibility, and focus on the things that matter most.

Here are some tips from Moms Exchange to get you started.

Schedule Family Time
Don’t let quality moments fall off your radar.

• Consider picking up an active hobby, such as yoga, you can do together as a family.
• Commit to family dinners together every day.

Teach Independence
Help your kids learn how to entertain themselves, and your workday will go much smoother:

• Younger children may not have the skills to play independently – here’s how to build them.
• Set up a study space where kids can take classes or do homework.

Lighten Your Load
Too much on your plate can leave you stressed and unhappy – here’s how to unload some work:

• Assign children age-appropriate jobs to teach them how to maintain their space.
• Here’s how to approach a tough conversation if your partner isn’t doing their fair share at home.
• If you’re in a position to delegate tasks at work, do so.

Be Your Own Boss
If these tough times have got you rethinking your career goals, perhaps starting your own business is the ideal way for you to balance work, family and health.

• Getting more free time for family and self-care and gaining a sense of accomplishment are just two of many reasons why you should start a business.
• Need business ideas? There are over 100 worth considering, or you can get inspired to come up with your own.
Compare business models, such as LLC and sole proprietorship, to figure out which would be best for your entrepreneurship goals.

These tools will go a long way toward redefining normalcy and fostering happiness for your family. When you have a renewed sense of stability, your self care will improve, you’ll be able to thrive at work, your kids can find a new rhythm at school, and the inherent uncertainties of the moment will be easier for everyone.

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