Moms Managing Anxiety During COVID-19

We’ve been bombarded with information about Covid-19 through social media, the printed media and electronic media. The more we absorb the messages disseminated, it’s the more anxious and fearful we become. F.E.A.R. (False expectations appearing real) though a natural reaction to the unknown can cripple us if improperly managed. There’s the fear of us being infected with the virus, fear of our children being infected with the virus and fear of our family and friends being infected with the virus. This fear eventually leads to anxiety. But what is the truth in all of this? Do we really have to continue being fearful? Do we really have to continue being anxious?

We can overcome the fear. We can overcome the anxiety. Let’s take a look at how: –

  1. (1) Listen to information ONLY from reliable source for example; Health Canada, World Health Organization (W.H.O.)
  2. (2) Manage the information by absorbing it in ‘bite size’ at a time to prevent you from becoming overwhelmed
  3. (3) Focus on what you have in your power such as executing that which is recommended by the relevant organizations to prevent the spread of the virus such as, wearing of mask in public spaces, frequent hand washing and or sanitizing (wash hands in procedure as recommend) and social/physical distancing as stipulated. Remember that you ONLY have control over yourselves and not others.
  4. (4) Choose the places that you visit so that you can maintain social/physical distancing
  5. (5) Take control of your thoughts, let them be positive, let them be realistic
  6. (6) Exercise at least 3 days per week. While your children are sleeping, or you could let them join you.
  7. (7) For relaxation you can also participate in doing:
  8. (8) Diaphragmatic breathing two to three times per day.
  9. (9) Progressive Muscle Relaxation Techniques, daily – you-tube
  10. (10) 54321 Grounding Techniques, daily


With the above you can move from the fear zone through to the learning zone to the growth zone where you can find peace.

Angela Daniels
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Angela Daniels is a licenced Associate Counselling Psychologist. She is the holder of a Master of Arts Degree in Counselling Psychology. Over the past fourteen (14) years she has conducted marriage, family and individual counselling: working with couples, adolescents, adults and families resolving personal and relational issues. She also provides group counselling, redundancy counselling, crisis counselling, grief counselling and career guidance.

Miss Daniels has conducted presentations on diverse topics inter alia “Managing Me - loving me”, “Parenting in the 21st Century”, “How Can A Parent Discern Sexual and Emotional Abuse?”, “The Invaluable Father”, “Female Sexuality”, “Getting Back to Basics as a Family” and “Choosing a Career”.

Angela loves people and is passionate about disseminating information especially because of her conviction that knowledge is power when accurately appropriated.

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