From Covid fears to opportunities

All was well and suddenly; one day we woke up to a world-wide lock down, schools out, social distancing, restrictions on public gathering and stay home to name a few. We awoke to the result of novel COVID-19, impacting spaces across the world, driving panic and fear within the populace.

Do we really have to panic? Do we really have to fear? Do we really have to worry? All of these are normal natural reaction to the unknown. And guess what? It’s okay to feel that way. But it’s not okay to stay in those feelings. Continuing in the feeling of panic, fear and worry can result in a depression. And as you can see already, the problems that we face would still be unanswered. There would still be the unknown because this virus is new and the authorities are still trying to comprehend it.

So now that we realize that it’s out of our control, how can we find opportunities in this stressful period?
1. Utilize the time to do the things that you’ve always wanted to do and never had the time to do it. (eg. crocheting, sewing, online studies, connecting with friends and loved ones etc.)
2. Work online from home if possible, based on your job.
3. Spend more time with your family doing activities together (have frequent bonding moments)
4. Spend more time with your children playing, doing school work, teaching them to do new things
5. Search for new business opportunities, for example passive income
6. Reflect on your life, relationship, set goals, develop a plan to accomplish these goals
7. Take the time to understand self and determine the areas of weaknesses that you would want to work on to be a better version of yourself
8. Learn to cook new meals
9. Redecorate your house
10. Exercise at home

All the above can be accomplished if you work with a schedule taking care to include all the activities. By now you will realize that your days will now become occupied with positive things.
How you view the situation is dependent on how you respond, and or react to it.

Choose to be POSITIVE and find the OPPORTUNITIES in this situation.

Angela Daniels
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Angela Daniels is a licenced Associate Counselling Psychologist. She is the holder of a Master of Arts Degree in Counselling Psychology. Over the past fourteen (14) years she has conducted marriage, family and individual counselling: working with couples, adolescents, adults and families resolving personal and relational issues. She also provides group counselling, redundancy counselling, crisis counselling, grief counselling and career guidance.

Miss Daniels has conducted presentations on diverse topics inter alia “Managing Me - loving me”, “Parenting in the 21st Century”, “How Can A Parent Discern Sexual and Emotional Abuse?”, “The Invaluable Father”, “Female Sexuality”, “Getting Back to Basics as a Family” and “Choosing a Career”.

Angela loves people and is passionate about disseminating information especially because of her conviction that knowledge is power when accurately appropriated.

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