Having Difficulty Getting Pregnant – Then It Happened

Just two years ago, I thought I was living a dream life. I had found my soul mate and had the most beautiful wedding surrounded by all our families and closest friends. Besides, we were finally ready to start our own family.

The truth is that we have both devoted our attention to our careers first. After all, we believed that we had all the time in the world to start our family. So, we had to work hard to have a good savings account and we would then start “practicing”. At the time I was 37 years old and I, just like most women, have taken the birth control pill for many years. I was to only get pregnant when I reached my professional goals. And this only happened at this time. So, it was the right time to think about our own family.

The truth is that practicing is a lot of fun. However, as time goes by, we start wondering if there is some kind of problem with any of us. Since hubby and I have many brothers and sisters, we never thought that we would have any problems in having a baby. While we weren’t worried after the first month of training, we started thinking that maybe there was some kind of problem when we didn’t get any positive results in the next 2 months either.

At that point, we let our minds interfere a lot. And your mind can be your worst enemy in this kind of situation. The thing is that when you think you may have a problem; you will be attracting that problem. And while we knew this, we couldn’t avoid thinking there was a problem. And this interfered. While we could be having a lot of fun practicing, we would do it just because we have to try to get pregnant.

When we reached month 5, I told my husband that it was time to see if we had some health problems that could be preventing us from having a baby. So, we scheduled an appointment and we did all the tests and exams the doctor prescribed. When we got the results, we couldn’t be happier. The truth is that there wasn’t any health problem and our bodies were functioning well. So, with that doubt off the table, we returned to practicing once again. However, this time was different. We decided that we were together for the good and for the worse and no pregnancy (or no pregnancy) would interfere again. We managed to stop with the negative feelings and only concentrate on each other. And it finally happened. Not even two months after getting the doctor’s results, I found out that I was pregnant.

In case you’re in the same situation that I was, don’t keep reading and thinking about everything you read online. Just go to the doctor and see if everything is ok. As soon as you confirm it, just focus on your partner and let it roll. As soon as you notice, you’ll be pregnant, just like it happened to me!

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