Married but feel like a single mom

My husband and I have been married for 6 years. Shortly after we got married, I got pregnant… with twins (a boy and a girl). Needless to say, I was scared, nervous and happy all at the same time. As a new mom, caring for one newborn can be a bit stressful, so you can imagine how I felt taking care of two babies at the same time.

Our babies are a bit older now but taking care of twins can be a bit exhausting at times. My husband is a contractor and he works odd hours. Most days he leaves the house as early as 5 am and returns extremely late, even on weekends, so I’m left with the responsibility of taking care of our kids all by myself. As a working mom, it has not been easy juggling work and mommy duties, especially on weekdays.

I wake up as early as 6am on weekdays so that I can get the twins ready for school. On Mondays and Wednesdays, I take them to their after-school programs (swimming on Mondays and soccer on Wednesdays), which means I have to rush down from work to pick them from school and drop them off at their practice. After practice, I normally head straight home and prepare dinner.

Luckily for me, I have a friend whose child also attends the same swimming lessons as my kids, so sometimes she would drop them home after practice. On the days my mommy friends volunteer to take my kids home after practice, I head straight home for some ME time before I start preparing dinner. Once they get home it’s non-stop until it’s bedtime. I have to ensure they eat dinner, bath them, and read bedtime stories, which normally comes at the request of my son. This has been my daily routine for the last several years. Some days are hectic while some can be good but if my husband was around more often it would easier.

I love my husband – we have a great relationship; I just wish he was around more to help out with the daily activities.

I decided to share my story on Moms Exchange because I believe moms should stick together. So, I’m hoping that someone out there can let me know how to better deal with this issue.

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