Checklist for travelling with a toddler

Here are my absolute MUSTS for travelling with a toddler:

Packing tips:

  • – Start packing a few days before your trip
  • – Decide what you’ll use as carry-on luggage and what you will check-in
  • – Try and minimize what you have to carry to keep your hands free
  • – Pack all liquid in Ziplock bags
  • – Don’t forget to pack chargers for any devices you are taking
  • – Use sanitizer wipes, especially on the plane, to wipe your seat, tray table, arm rests, etc.
  • – Load up the iPad with movies/shows as a backup plan
  • – Toddler headphones for the iPad



  • – Snacks (pack as many snacks as you can)
  • – Collapsible / umbrella stroller (try not to fold it up until you are right at the plane)
  • – Bag for stroller (you can order from Amazon)
  • – Diaper bag
  • – Diapers (bring extra diapers in the event of an emergency of unforeseen delays)
  • – Wipes/wipes container
  • – Changing Pad
  • – Sanitizer (for you after changing your toddler, if no soap/water is available)
  • – Car seat
  • – Car seat bag (you can order on Amazon)
  • – Portable highchair
  • – Bibs
  • – Warm Water in a thermos or bottled water for mixing formula
  • – Formula (preferably in travel packs that are sealed or in a container premeasured for bottles)
  • – Baby Food pouches
  • – Bottles (an extra one in case of delays)
  • – Water in a sippy cup
  • – Plastic fork/spoon
  • – Night light
  • – Medications (for cold or injuries/thermometer)
  • – Painter’s tape to childproof at destination
  • – 2 extra sets of clothes just in case of an emergency
  • – An extra set of clothes for yourself just in case
  • – Face cloths
  • – Blanket
  • – Jacket
  • – Extra Shoes
  • – Sunhat
  • – Sunscreen
  • – Mini Shampoo (in case a quick cleanup is necessary or to wash any soiled clothes)
  • – Bags for wet/dirty clothes
  • – Extra pacifier (if they use one – as soon as 1 gets dirty you need the extra)
  • – Swim Diaper(s)
  • – Bathing Suit
  • – Baby soaps/shampoo
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