First Christmas as a new mom

Christmas has always been the best and most exciting holiday for me ever since I was just a little girl. I remember growing up, I would start planning my Christmas outfits from October and my mom would just smile at me. Looking back at those years, I realize that my love for Christmas has not changed, well, this year it was a little different because I became a wife and a mom for the first time ever.

For me being a first time wife and mom, it was quite exciting planning the Christmas decor, food and little get together party with friends, even though I had to focus all my attention on my 2 months old baby.

As early as November, my husband and I decided to go Christmas shopping to make our home as beautiful as ever because it was going to be the first Christmas our baby would experience.

Christmas tree with gift all around it, fairy lights, hanging stockings and a beautifuly decorated fireplace was how we made our living room. When I  was pregnant I told my mom that I was really looking forward to this Christmas because it would be the first Christmas I would experience as a first time mom and I also told her about my decor and food plans but she gave me a grin and said ‘ I doubt you would have time to do all that with a baby that small’. I even read articles on how Christmas can be stressful with babies but that wasn’t the case for me, I had the best Christmas ever.

On the morning of Christmas, my husband and I cuddled around our fireplace while holding our baby in our arms and singing Christmas songs. I can’t even describe how amazing that felt.

A couple of hours later we had made our special Christmas stuffing with bacon recipe which we love so much and by afternoon, our friends were trooping in bearing gifts and taking turns to carry our baby. I was surprised at how she didn’t cry at all, she felt so comfortable in their arms. Later that evening after all our friends had gone home, we sat by our Christmas tree unwrapping gift. Most gift were for our little one, items like baby diapers, baby photo album, rattlers and muscial toys, were gifts that were given. In summary, I would say that I had fun on Christmas day and this Christmas is one that I wouldn’t want to forget in a hurry.

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