Flying with an 18-month-old

We recently got back from a trip to Florida and I realized that this is definitely a topic worth talking about.  All I can say is have no expectations and who cares about what others think, keep those 2 things in mind and you will be fine and so much less stressed!!

I must have read about 20 articles or more on tips for travelling before we went and this was our 5th flight with DD. She is 18 months now so definitely some different challenges and needs compared to the last time we flew with her which was when she was 10 months.  Here are my absolute MUSTS for a trip with a very active 18-month-old:

    1. 1. Always keep them busy – here are some items I used to keep my little one busy during our flight

Erasable Magnetic Drawing Sketch board

Learning Friends 100 Words Book

    1. 2. Try and plan flights around nap times
    2. 3. Change Diapers and Feed them before the flight if you can, here are some amazing items for feeding on the go:

Travel Booster Seat

Breastmilk Cooler Bag

    1. 4. Walk around (run if possible) before getting on the plane so you wear them out as much as you can
    2. 5. Do not board the plane early as they allow you to, the least amount of time on the plane the better
    3. 6. If you can score them get lounge passes……. these lounges have kids/baby rooms!!! Who knew??? These are areas where your kids can run around/watch tv and be free!!
    4. 7. – Use an umbrella stroller if you can – do not fold it up until you are right at the plane (if you can get away without a stroller even better!!!), this one is by far the best one I found:

Summer Infant 3D Lite Stroller

  1. 8. Have as many snacks packed as you can
  2. 9. Buy new toys/activities that you can pull out on the plane in flight
  3. 10. Have an iPad with movies/shows ready to go as a backup plan……make sure it charged
  4. 11. Pray no one sits beside you and if they do pray they are cool and like kids……a lot
  5. 12. Pray, Pray, Pray for no delays………we had a 3-hour delay on the plane ride home (which was not at nap time) and that was not easy, thank gosh she slept for 2 hours but that was definitely a challenging time.
  6. 13. Always play and distract them and usually they will make friends with people on the plane


Travelling with a toddler does not need to be stressful or hard it just takes lot of planning and even more patience, so relax and enjoy it……most people have been there in their lives one time or another.

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